/ Tax

Our firm specializes in fiscal and tax advice and planning for businesses as well as individuals, both residents and non-residents, ensuring optimal compliance with tax obligations.

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/ Labour

Timely and updated information on all labour and Social Security regulations that allow for optimal choices in contract selection. Possible bonuses in the contribution of employees attending to their personal circumstances. Individualized advice to the employer and timely and direct monitoring of the applicable Collective Agreements. Referral of all information on Social Security contributions through the RED (Electronic Document Remission) system.

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/ Accounting

Our firm specializes in the analysis and accounting management of your company, and facilitates the transcription and qualification of your company’s accounting entries.

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/ Non-residents

Our firm specializes in advising non-residents of any nationality, offering a wide and comprehensive range of services for adequate compliance of all tax obligations.

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/ Legal

Our firm offers continued advice related to all commercial, fiscal, labour and accounting regulations, providing the drafting of legal documents in those fields. We provide expert knowledge of the autonomous regulations and of the different municipal entities of the Balearic Islands with special dedication to Balearic Civil Law.

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