In the business world, proper accounting management is essential to keep accurate and efficient control of a company’s finances. In this sense, having a specialised economic and accounting consultancy can be of great help to any business.

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These are some of the accounting consultancy services that we offer in our Palma de Mallorca office:

  • Comprehensive analysis of a company’s accounting and administrative management. A team of consulting experts assesses a company’s accounting and administrative records to identify opportunities for improvement and provide effective solutions. This service can include reviewing the company’s accounting and administrative systems, identifying risks and opportunities for improvement, preparing reports and recommendations for management, and training staff.
  • Carrying out formalities and dealings with the relevant public bodies. We take care of filing tax returns, complying with labour obligations, applying for permits and licences, among other formalities.
  • Advice and training for the staff in charge of the company’s accounting management. We provide training in the application of accounting and tax regulations, the use of accounting software, the preparation of financial reports, among other topics.
  • Budgeting and continuous monitoring of the company’s budget. We help the company to set financial goals and develop budgets that are in line with its objectives and capabilities. We can also provide tools and systems for budget monitoring and control.
  • Valuation of a company to determine its market value. The consultancy can assess the company’s assets and liabilities, financial situation and growth potential to determine a fair and reasonable value.
  • Application of accounting and financial standards for the valuation of a company. We help the company to comply with applicable accounting and tax regulations and to prepare accurate and complete financial reports.
  • Legalisation and filing of the company’s accounting books with the Commercial Register – we take care of this legal obligation and ensure that the company complies with the relevant legal and tax requirements.
  • Issuance of financial and accounting reports for the company. The consultancy can prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports, as well as specific reports for the company’s management.
  • Bank reconciliation and control of the company’s customer and supplier invoicing. We help the company to keep a complete and accurate record of all financial transactions and ensure that invoicing is done correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Preparation of your company’s accounts to prepare accurate and reliable financial statements, which can be used to make business decisions, to comply with legal and tax requirements, and to present financial information to interested third parties, such as investors or lenders.

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Having a labour consultancy that provides up-to-date and specialised information in all these areas can be essential to guarantee the correct fulfilment of legal obligations and avoid future problems in labour matters.

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