What we offer

In our office in Palma de Mallorca, we have a team of highly qualified experts specialised in tax and fiscal planning and advice, offering a complete and personalised service for individuals and legal entities, both residents and non-residents in Mallorca.

Our aim is to provide efficient and effective tax solutions to our clients, ranging from the preparation and filing of taxes in general, to carrying out all the necessary steps to comply with fiscal and tax regulations.

In addition, we offer ongoing tax advice to help our clients optimise their tax burden, identify potential tax risks and comply with tax obligations effectively. We are at your disposal to attend to any needs that may arise in tax matters, whether related to the taxation of non-residents in Mallorca, inheritance and gift tax, corporate tax, personal income tax, income and wealth tax returns, among others.

In our office we also provide services in the field of inspections and appeals of the Tax Agency, as well as in dealing with the requirements of the same. Our team keeps up to date with changes in fiscal and tax regulations, so we can offer our clients up-to-date advice adapted to their needs.

How can we help you?

These are some of the tax consultancy services we offer in our Palma de Mallorca office:

  • Preparation and presentation of all types of taxes that must be filed with the Tax Agency. The consultancy is responsible for analysing the tax situation of each client and preparing the corresponding taxes in due time and form.
  • Management and filing of VAT, as well as the preparation of the annual summaries that must be filed with the Tax Agency.
  • Preparation and filing of corporate income tax, as well as advice on company taxation.
  • Preparation and filing of income and wealth tax returns.
  • Direct, normal and simplified estimation. Objective assessment (modules): Advice on taxation matters for companies and the self-employed in relation to the different methods of estimating taxable bases.
  • We handle the management of registrations and cancellations in the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) for companies and the self-employed.
  • Advice on taxation in relation to Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Advice on taxation matters for non-residents in Spain.
  • Continuous tax advice for companies and self-employed professionals, as well as in the management of inspections and appeals before the Tax Agency.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how our consultancy can help you in tax and fiscal matters. We will be delighted to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised service of fiscal and tax advice, adapting to the needs and characteristics of each particular case.

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